4 questions to ask yourself before redoing your roof

Ready to consult a reputed roofer to replace your roof? Remember, most people get it done only once in lifetime. You need to be vigilant in several areas and get things right. As a homeowner, you have several things to work on, apart from getting quotes and choosing the right design and materials. Of course, you need to consider your finances.

When you go for a home improvement project, replacing your roof may cost you hundreds of dollars. It makes sense to collaborate with the right roofing contractors to be on your budget.

Things to consider before you redo your roof

Here are four questions you need to ask yourself before you redo your roof.

  1. Did you get a comprehensive estimate?

Well, it makes sense to have a transparent idea of how much you need to shell out for a new roof. Make sure to partner with one of the established roofing contractors who can provide a comprehensive estimate. Also, check out the anomalies, so that you do not get unpleasant surprises when the final bill comes. Request your contractor to provide you with a written estimate, that should include the cost breakup. This cost should be inclusive of all inspections and permits.

Apart from this, there might be certain allowances for covering up unexpected expenses. You might require this amount to get the plywood sheathing repaired below the shingles.

  1. What material choices do you have?

Choosing the materials for your roof would be a strategic decision. You would probably blame the inferior quality of shingles in case your roof gives way prematurely. There’s no permanent solution in cutting the corners. In course of time, you would end up paying more in case you try to save a few hundred dollars when you install the roof.

When you explain your requirements to the roofing contractor, put forward your quality concerns. They will consider your budget and recommend you the right materials. You need to get this detail in writing. When they procure the materials, make sure that they match the agreed quality. Established roofers would customize the shingles to your preferences and housing style. After all, aesthetics as well as performance matter when it comes to re-roofing.

  1. What about the roof installation process?

Certain contractors might propose installing the new shingles over the existing layer to save money. This option might turn out to be an enticing one to you, given that you would be on the cheaper end. However, you need to stick to the right method of roof installation to ensure proper durability. When you fasten the shingles to the deck of the roof directly, they turn out to be more secure.

Besides, when you eliminate the old roof materials, the roofing experts can inspect the deck of the roof. Overlooking the vital step might aggravate present issues that are yet to show up. In the end, you would have expensive damages caused by water to repair.

  1. Who will take the liability if something goes wrong?

When you hire a roofing contractor, you tend to assume that the entire responsibility of the project goes to the experts. However, not every contractor would be licensed, certified, and insured. Unless you are clear on this aspect right from the outset, you might have to bear the liability in case of damages or accidents. The workers and foremen need to be trained and licensed. Focus on the paperwork before you get started. Make sure that no liability for accidents or damage comes to you.

Choose the right roofing contractor

Take care to know the warranty you would be enjoying on your newly installed roof. In general, shingle roofs would last for several decades. Some of the best roofing contractors offer a warranty on the installations. It makes sense to collaborate with one of these roofing experts and benefit from their experience and professionalism.

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