A few Things you Should Know Before Installing a Kitchen island

Many homeowners prefer the interior design in a kitchen with an island. This is also because almost all home improvement blogs and magazines feature luxurious and large kitchen islands where the family can gather. However, installing a kitchen island is not compulsory and not the best decision always. Just like advantages, the kitchen island can cause various problems. Mentioned below are a few things that you should know before installing a kitchen island:

1 ) Additional storage space

You need a lot of kitchen gadgets and appliances in the kitchen to carry on your culinary activities smoothly. It will be very difficult to cook and prepare the food if you do not have the necessary items stored nearby. Hence, plenty of storage options are required in the kitchen to store everything within hand’s reach. However, it is not possible always if the kitchen does not have sufficient storage options. Kitchen islands prove to be very beneficial at a time like this because they can offer additional storage options and counter space to store all your essentials in the kitchen.

2 ) Aesthetically appealing

Compared to traditional dining tables and chairs, kitchen islands have a more grandeur and appealing look. They are made of various materials like concrete, synthetic, natural stone, etc. and given a very elegant and sophisticated finish. Various colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes are available as well to ensure that you find a design that meets your preferences. You should very carefully choose a kitchen island that seamlessly blends in with your home interior design.

3 ) A kitchen island is not meant for all types of kitchens

Experts reckon that installing a kitchen island can prove quite disadvantageous in certain types of kitchens. For starters, if you have a kitchen that is smaller in size and looks compact, it is better to avoid a kitchen island. Although smaller kitchen islands are easily available in the market, it is better to avoid one as even it can look a little awkward. You cannot afford to lose a couple of extra feet of workspace in a small kitchen. Also, people need more workspace to access different areas in the kitchen than they think.

4 ) You will end up cluttering it

Irrespective of how many storage options you have in your kitchen to store all the essentials, you will always end up cluttering the kitchen island after installing it. It becomes a multi-purpose platform that you can use for various activities like drying the vegetables after washing, peeling them, placing kitchen appliances, keeping utensils, jars, etc. It becomes a common place for keeping all your kitchen essentials and hence, the kitchen gradually becomes cluttered. So, avoid installing a kitchen island in your home interior design if you want to prevent it from getting cluttered.

5 ) Not the best place to have family dinners

Many homeowners want to install a kitchen island to increase the seating capacity for eating. Given their luxe and luxurious look, they have replaced the dinner tables in many modern kitchen setups. Although many consider it an upgrade, there can be a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before introducing a kitchen island to the interior design of your kitchen. A kitchen island offers seating arrangements in a row, unlike a regular dining table. This can be an issue as seating in a row can reduce engagement and interaction while dining.

Installing a kitchen island completely depends on the type of kitchen design you want. In case you need additional working space and storage options, you can consider adding a rolling cart to the interior design of your kitchen. It will act as a shelf and hold all your belongings. And, when you need more working space in the kitchen, you can just roll it outside the room.

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