Challenges of Being a Crime Scene Cleaner

Unlike what you see on Hollywood and other crime scene TV shows, crime scene cleaning services are a lot more hazardous. These experts offer a wide range of cleaning services including crime scenes, meth labs, hoarding situations, medical waste disposal, natural or unnatural deaths, and many more. Technicians know what they are up against; they see and smell all kinds of blood and bodily fluids. They witness the most gruesome scenes in life. Shattered brain cells, bodily fluids, and other kinds of unpleasant scenes. Nonetheless, these situations need to be handled professionally, in a way that the general public, residents, and workers feel safe using the place. The cleanup process will be conducted in a way that will reduce the risks of contamination or infection.

Prior to venturing into any business regardless of niche, it is only wise that you do proper research work. Thinking about starting a crime scene cleaning service? You should perform a detailed analysis to determine if the job is right for you or not.

It is worth taking a closer look at to ensure you have everything it takes for adequate training, equipment, certification, and resources as well as adequate manpower. Despite being a lucrative job it is not really comfortable to do. This is because you are always in a full-body suit and respirator. You’d have your gear on so long as you are already at the crime scene. How would you feel in a suit and respirator for several hours? Not everyone has the stomach to accommodate that.

Equipment Required for the Job

Crime scene cleaning services use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to remediate an affected crime scene. The job entails cleaning up visible blood stains and ripping out contaminated surfaces if necessary. Depending on the cleaning conditions, equipment and chemical requirements vary. However, the basic tools that every cleaning contractor must have include protective gear for technicians including respiratory masks and biohazard disposal bags.

Disposal of biohazardous waste is yet another factor to consider. To do this, crime scene cleanup services need to get a biohazard waste transport permit. There are specialized disposal facilities dedicated to these kinds of waste. You will be penalized by law if found guilty of disposing of biohazard waste in a landfill.

If the waste grows beyond what you can manage, it is advisable to contact a medical waste disposal company. However, if you are going to hire a disposal company, be sure to get a paper trail to prove it was disposed of safely and legally.

To improve indoor air quality while at work, crime scene cleaning services use high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filtration equipment. This tool helps remove fine particulate matter in the air.

Keep in mind that some jobs demand additional supplies and resources, and occasionally you may likely request the help of other experts in the field. For instance, some concrete might be too hard to rip out. For this, you need to call in a specialist to help out.

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