4 Things to Expect With a Crime Scene Cleanup

Police officers or first responders do not perform crime scene cleanup. It is not their job. The truth is cleaning up a crime scene requires the expertise of crime scene cleaning services. These specialists are trained on how best to handle the health risks at the crime scene. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation that requires the services of a crime scene cleaning technician, you may be wondering what magic do they want to perform during the course of the work.

Assessing the Crime Scene

Any crime scene cleaner that starts work immediately after arriving at the scene is not qualified to handle the task. The first thing expected of a crime scene cleaner is assessing the extent of the cleaning task. Upon arriving at the crime scene, the cleaning crew will take note of items that can be salvaged and those that are condemned for disposal. During this time, they can determine the right kind of chemicals and cleaning procedure to employ to get the job on the way. They will clean and disinfect all salvageable items, keep them in a protected box or space before resuming work. The infected items will be kept aside for proper disposal.


The next step is cleaning. Unfortunately, once the carpet soaks up blood, remediation can be a difficult endeavor. The blood-soiled carpeted areas will be cut out, well packed in a biohazard disposable bag, and quarantined until the cleaning job is complete. These biohazardous waste products will be transported safely to a medical waste disposal site.

Once done with the carpets, the next area of focus is the drywalls. The walls will be scoured with an enzyme built to break down blood. The same applies to the flooring. If, for instance, the floorboard gets stained with blood, getting rid of the stains might be a bit difficult. In this case, the cleaning crew will remove the floorboard in the affected areas and then apply a sealant.

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting a crime scene will do little in getting rid of the bad smells that linger. This is where deep cleaning comes in. The deep cleaning will not only remove any dangerous organisms that may still be present but also remove the bad odor. By doing so, the cleaning crew has eliminated any infectious health risks.

Waste Disposal

Crime scene cleaning services also take care of waste disposal at the crime scene. They make sure that the accumulated biohazardous waste gets to the appropriate disposal facility safely and at the right time. Disposing of these waste items like normal household trash puts millions of people at risk. This is why these companies take extra measures for proper medical waste disposal.

You will feel relaxed knowing that your property has been cleaned properly with the help of crime scene cleaning services. These cleaning crews are always available 24 hours a day. They have a bunch of trained professionals who can handle the cleaning job without any hitch.

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