5 benefits of waterproofing your basement

Water damage remains one of the most common types of damage in a home. Whether it is caused by rain, overflows, plumbing leaks or seepage, water damage has something with the basement of the house. The basement is most vulnerable in the event of excess water in the basement, as water can leak into the foundation or home.

Basement flooding can cause different issues such as structural damage and mould growth. As a result, waterproofing your basement is the best decision to avoid flooding and water damage. However, here are five benefits of basement waterproofing.

  1. Prevention of Basement Flooding

The basic basement waterproofing processes such as sealing cracks in the foundation, creating a functional drainage system, and installing a sump pump will protect the basement against flooding.

  1. Prevention of Structural Damage

When you waterproof your basement, the building’s foundation will be protected against water seepage into the foundation that can easily compromise the structural integrity of the building. Water seepage usually happens at the joints and cracks on the foundation. However, you will prevent structural damage to your home.

  1. Prevention of Health Risks

A damp basement can facilitate mould growth that can spread as fast as possible within 48 hours. The impact of mould on the overall health conditions is severe. It requires immediate evacuation or remediation of the compromised foundation. So, your home will be healthier over time without being subject to mould.

  1. Prevention of Water Damage in the Basement

Basement waterproofing protects the basement from water damage. The floor of the basement will be protected against the pressure from the groundwater that can cause it to swell and crack. Besides, the sump pump will be protected because the basement will not be flooded and water will not fill up the sump pit, causing the sump pump to damage the money to fix the basement floor and the sump pump can be used for other projects if the basement is correctly waterproofed.

  1. Lower Cost of Insurance Claims

Water damage is one of the top five of all insurance claims made by homeowners. Many homeowners have their basements flooded and water seep into the foundation through cracks. Others have massive structural damage. However, if every homeowner waterproofs their basements, the number of claims will be reduced.

The implication of this is that the cost of the insurance policy covering potential flooding will be low.


Investing in basement waterproofing is a wise decision that will help you save money and time, and prevent your home from water damage.

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