5 Useful Plumbing Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Have

A plumbing system at home is helpful for daily living. It brings fresh water to your home and distributes it around the house. You can enjoy fresh water in your home until something goes amiss, and you have to call your local plumber.

When you have issues with clogged drains, shower leaks, and low-pressure water, you may spend a lot of money to fix them. Keeping your home plumbing system in perfect shape with fort worth plumbing is what you should do. Here we look at some useful plumbing tips to avoid common unexpected problems in your home.

1 – Don’t flush everything 

This is where most homeowners make a big mistake. After using the toilet, you should only flush your toilet paper and your waste. Other items like sanitary products, plastic, hair, cotton swabs, and cardboard should not find their way into the toilet.

When these items find their way into the toilet, they cause clogging, which will cost more to remove. Put some wastebasket in the bathroom and use it to avoid flushing sanitary products.

2 – Check for toilet tank leaks 

Toilet tank leaks go unnoticed in most homes. Your water bill will always be high when you have a leaking toilet tank. To confirm if the tank is leaking, you can put some food coloring in the water and wait an hour. If the colored water leaks into the bowl within this time, then you should replace it to keep water from sipping out. This will help to lower your water bill.

3 – Use soap to clear a blocked toilet 

You don’t have to call your plumber whenever you want to unblock your toilet. You can clear blocked toilet by adding hot water and soap to the bowl. Get some hot water from the tap and fill the bowl.

Add some liquid soap to the hot water and flush down the toilet. The hot water will help to break down all the clogs, and the liquid soap will keep it moving down the drain.

4 – Use vinegar to clean showerheads 

Showerheads get clogged with mineral deposits which make them look untidy. Sometimes the showerhead blocks completely or becomes less effective.

If you want to clear the mineral deposit, you can unscrew the showerhead and soak some vinegar for 24 hours. If you don’t clean the showerheads with vinegar, you should be ready to replace the showerheads with time.

5 – Install new mesh drain covers 

Soap chips, hair, and other debris can clog when they fall into the drains. Therefore, you should install some mesh covers in the bath, sinks, and shower to save you the hassle of having to snake your drains to keep them working.

Final Thoughts 

Keeping your home’s plumbing system working correctly is the best way to save money on high water bills. You can hire fort worth plumbing to help fix leaking faucets and running toilets and keep your bills low.

Inspect exposed pipes in your home for any drops of water and spot any issues that your local plumber should fix.

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