Best outdoor pizza oven for home use

Nobody can mind the taste of a crispy pizza at the comfort of our homes. Home-made pizza tends to bring the family together since it is fun-filled. For this reason, you need to invest in a good outdoor pizza oven. An oven that can handle high temperatures is considered a good one.

The market out there has different types of outdoor pizza ovens available. However before settling down for one, there are certain factors you need to be in the lookout for.

Factors to consider before purchasing an outdoor pizza oven

Shopping for a pizza oven is a difficult and tedious task to handle. Besides pricing, the following are some of the other things you should take into account when buying one.

  • Whether it is portable or permanent

Depending on your choice, you can purchase a built-in pizza oven and have it placed in your garden or wherever you want. Other people will prefer a portable pizza oven that can be freely moved from one place to another.

  • Is it user-friendly?

It is very disappointing to buy a pizza oven and not be able to use it. All ovens come with a manual. It will help you more when using the oven. When buying one, ask questions from the sellers on how to use it.

  • Cost factor

Depending on the type and size that you settle for, the prices vary from one dealer to the other. Settle for a pizza oven that matches your budget but is of good quality.

Convention ovens cost between $1,000-$10,000, countertops $100 to $11,000 while conveyor pizza ovens cost from $5,000 to $30,000.

These cost depend on the features, brand and condition of the said oven.

  • Materials used

This is something you just cannot overlook when purchasing an outdoor pizza oven. The insulated wall will help in maintaining the heat inside the oven. Stones and bricks are commonly used building materials for large and heavy outdoor pizza ovens.

Refractory tiles are best in holding the heat hence perfect in handling oven floor. Additionally, consider ovens that are stainless steel.  This will help the oven attain high temperatures as compared to using wood for fueling purposes.

  • Style and size

Look out for the size and the style of the oven when considering to get one. Different styles and sizes offer different cooking benefits and purposes.

For instance, an arch shaped pizza can cook multiple dishes at ago. The size also matters.  Look for an outdoor pizza oven that will perfectly fit in your garden.

  • Consider the fuel type

There are two common types of fuel outdoor pizza ovens.  The wood burning ovens considered as traditional and gas fired ovens.

The wood burning one involves burning of timber while gas fired ovens involves having enough fuel when cooking in the oven.


With all this information in mind, sourcing for a good outdoor oven should not be a difficult task after all. You can also consider cooking pizzas for commercial purposes and make yourself an extra coin.

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