Crime Scene Cleaning Services Business Models

While crime scene cleaning services require the expertise of a specialized professional, other companies that already offer waste disposal services and help improve indoor air quality could also perform this service. This is not a task for commercial cleaning companies. They are unfit for this kind of service. Cleaning office windows or floors is a simple task compared to cleaning and disinfecting a biohazardous area. For the latter, cleaners have bloodborne pathogens, and bodily fluids to contend with.

Companies that deal in water damage, odor removal, fire and smoke restoration, or mold remediation are best suited for this job, simply because they already have some of the equipment needed to carry out the task. Also, these technicians understand the risks involved especially when dealing with contamination.


The cost of hiring a crime scene cleaning technician cannot be compared to the average traditional cleaner. And since they are priced differently, it is essential for a company offering both crime cleaning services and traditional services to devise different marketing techniques for each item. Although commercial cleaners offer an estimate based on total size per square foot, crime scene cleaning services typically give a price depending on the degree of contamination.

Crime scene cleaning services are quite pricey and usually charge by the hour because the contamination can spread beyond areas that the ordinary eyes can see. For instance, after cleaning the blood and bodily fluids in a bathroom, chances are the fluids have seeped through porous surfaces. Cleaning these porous surfaces may require removing the bathtub or removing the cracked tiles.

Many homeowners oftentimes hesitate to contact crime scene cleaning services simply because of the estimates provided. But what they don’t know is that the service charges are usually covered by homeowners insurance. The high price is nothing new to your insurance company. Most adjusters know that reputable crime scene cleaning services charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

Usually, these professionals charge between $100 and $300 per hour. In a bid to cut down on expenses, insurance companies are now working closely with a few trusted cleaning service providers. This is no doubt a great idea as they are taking precautions to avoid ill-qualified companies who are known for taking shortcuts in handling such delicate service. Examples include disposing of biohazardous waste in a dumpster.

It is therefore important that homeowners go with an approved and certified crime scene cleaning service provider. Any cleaning company that is not approved will be rejected. This puts the whole burden on the homeowner. More reason, why most crime scene cleaning services are taking certification tests. To stand a chance, you should be on the insurance company’s approved list


Newbies in the industry will find it hard to break into the market. However, with the right marketing technique and strategy, it shouldn’t take long to become a formidable force. One marketing strategy that has been proven and tested is to connect with first responders, police departments, fire departments, clergy, and healthcare professionals.

Create a responsive website so clients can reach you directly in the case of an emergency.

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