Disaster Repair Services: Repairing Your Water Damaged Carpets

In the event of a water disaster, the carpets and rugs in your home are usually one of the first victims, and in the case of a rescue mission, are usually the last to be taken out. This however doesn’t mean that they are the least important item in the home. In fact, they are very essential to home décor, thus, some homeowners spend a lot when shopping for them. When a water disaster strikes, you probably go in search of disaster repair services that would help get your life back on track. While it is recommended you do so, here are a few things you can do to get your carpets back to prime condition

  1. Isolate The Carpets Or Rug

Firstly, remove all items that are on the rug or close to it. This is because the wetness of the rug makes it vulnerable to dyes, paints, or polishes that are on other items in the house.

  1. Identify The Source Of The Problem And Fix It

If the water damage was a result of a natural disaster, then you must first eliminate all the excess water from your home before working on the carpets. On the other hand, if it is from a plumbing issue, then you must first turn off your home’s main water supply before calling a plumber to come to check out your plumbing.

You can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove excess water or mop, buckets, and absorbent towels if you do not own or know how to operate a wet/dry vacuum.

  1. Dry Out The Carpets

Drying out carpets can be a very time-demanding job. Depending on the type of carpet, drying can take several days to complete. Thus, to speed up the process, you should use as many fans as possible, dehumidifiers and vacuums. Also, don’t forget to open your windows so as to facilitate optimum ventilation.

Completely drying out your carpets is very important if you do not want to encounter issues of mold and mildew later in the future.

  1. Thorough Cleaning And Sanitization

A water lodged carpet, especially if the water is from a flood or some other sort of natural disaster, is definitely already housing millions of microorganisms that could be harmful or inconveniencing to the entire household. Therefore, it must be thoroughly cleaned, steam cleaned as a matter of fact.

Word of advice, do not use regular detergents to clean your rugs, especially if the rugs are of very high quality. Regular detergents might bleach out your rugs and destroy the color, or diminish their fiber quality. Thus, it’s best to always hire professional carpets and rugs cleaning service for these jobs. Just as well, because these services will not only clean out your rug but also completely sanitize it from the microorganisms dwelling within it.

When it comes to restoring water-damaged carpets, speed is of the essence. Do not let your carpet just remain drenched. Doing so might make the damage permanent and also leave you with a strong and unpleasant odor.

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