Do’s and Don’ts for A Longer Carpet Life

Carpets are essential components of interior design. When a carpet is classy, it is mostly used as the centerpiece of the room in which it is placed. For this reason, one needs to maintain the carpet well to get the best out of it for the period they use it. The durability of a carpet depends on a wide range of factors, accidents being one of them. The most common accident that could affect a carpet’s beauty and durability is spillages; these could be beverages or paint.

Knowing how to get paint out of a carpet helps in maintaining a carpet for long. Stains resulting from spills not only lower the beauty of the carpet but its comfort as well. This article looks at common causes of reduction in a carpet’s durability and ways of maintaining a carpet.

What Reduces the Lifespan of a Carpet?

As stated earlier, many factors contribute to the durability of a carpet. Understanding these factors and how you can avoid them will keep your carpet for long. These factors include;

  • Quality of the carpet-A carpet’s durability depends on its quality. High-quality carpets are usually durable compared to low-quality ones. Due to demand for certain brands, many manufacturers distribute lower-quality versions of high-quality carpets. This implies that one might have a less durable carpet at the price of a durable one. However, in most cases, counterfeit carpets are sold to individuals at a lower price than authentic carpets. The influx of counterfeits in the market makes it hard to tell authentic carpets.
  • Location of the carpet-In interior design, the location of centerpieces such as carpets is essential for aesthetic values. However, the location also determines how durable the carpet will be. Placing the carpet in areas with high foot traffic reduces its lifespan. As people step on the carpet, the quality of the fabric used reduces due to the weight exerted. Expensive carpets are usually placed in areas with minimal foot traffic to maintain their cleanliness and fabric quality.
  • Exposure to sunlight-Ultraviolet radiation is a key contributor to the quality reduction in carpets and fabrics. If the carpet is colored, ultraviolet radiation causes a bleaching effect if the carpet is exposed to direct sunlight. The bleaching effect is a slow process and not easy to recognize until it’s too late. Therefore, when arranging a room, the carpet should be placed away from points of direct sunlight, such as windows.
  • Accidents and spillages-Accidental damage to carpets is one of the leading causes of reduced carpet quality. There are many forms of accidents that occur within a room that can directly or indirectly lower the quality of a carpet. For instance, heavy objects falling could punch through the carpet, destroying the fabric. Spillages reduce the aesthetic value of the carpet by staining it. Stains interfere with the patterns on the carpet. Spilling liquids with chemicals, such as cosmetics, damages the carpet fabric. As a result, the carpet lasts shorter than it should.
  • Pests-Pests are among the most common but ignored causes of reduced quality in carpets. There are many types of pests that affect carpet quality, the main ones being mites. Pests feed on the carpet fabric, reducing its quality. One way to identify a possible pests’ infestation is small pieces of fabric at the edges of the carpet. When ignored, pests multiply rapidly, speeding up the destruction of the carpet.

There are many other factors that reduce the quality of carpets. However, those mentioned above are the most common and most dangerous. With proper maintenance, a carpet can last for a very long time. For instance, some high-quality carpets made in the mid-century era are used to date. Such carpets are very expensive since some of the fabrics used are either extinct or too expensive today.

Maintaining the quality of a carpet

There are several ways of maintaining a carpet. While some methods require special skills, some are basic practices that can be carried out at home. They include:

  • Cleaning- This is the most common maintenance practice for carpets. There are many ways of cleaning the carpet, depending on the dirt or stain involved. For dust and other minute dirt, one can use a vacuum cleaner. However, some stains, such as paint, require extra work to remove successfully. For instance, how to get paint out of a carpet depends on factors such as the kind of paint and volume involved. Paints could be oil-based or water-based. Oil-based paints are the hardest to remove since it requires more than water and cleaning detergents. Oil doesn’t mix with water; this implies that one might need alcohol-based solvents to clean the carpet. To avoid damaging the carpet further, oil-based paint removal should be done by experts who understand the right amount of solvents to be used.
  • Disinfecting and treating-This is done to prevent the destruction of the carpet by pests. Pests infestation is a slow process and might be unnoticed until the damage is significant. Therefore, disinfection should be done on a regular basis to prevent the entry of pests. Treatment is usually done when the pests have already started destroying the carpet. Various chemicals are used to disinfect and treat carpets depending on the fabric and type of pest involved. It should be done by an expert who understands the right amount of chemicals to be used. Using excess chemicals could reduce the fabric quality further or cause a bleaching effect.

Observing the right carpet maintenance practices is only beneficial if the carpet is of the right quality. Therefore, one should be observant of the type of carpet they buy. Several factors should be considered when purchasing a carpet. These factors directly affect the carpet’s lifespan; they include what it is to be used for. If the carpet is to be used in areas with high foot traffic or prone to accidents, a stronger material should be considered. If the carpet is to be exposed to sunlight, one should choose one whose patterns and colors are made from UV-resistant paint. Consulting an expert can help one select the best carpet for their needs.

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