How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Space

If you are taking on a tiling project in your home, you may be eager to get started. The folk at Devour Tools say that tiling is a project you can do yourself, provided that you have the necessary tools for the job. Maybe you have already bought an angle grinder with a suitable angle grinder blade, and you have watched tutorials on how to achieve the look you want. You are ready to get started except for one thing – you do not know what type of tiles to choose. You won’t want to choose something that you are going to be unhappy with once the job is complete, so it is important to pick the right tiles from the very start.

What to Consider

You can get ideas about tile styles in home magazines or online. Look for the latest trends to see if there are any tiles that jump out at you. Your local tile or home improvement store might also have samples that you can look at and get a feel for.

The size of tile is also important, particularly if you are tiling a small room such as a bathroom. Smaller tiles are not ideal for small spaces because there will be too many grout lines, which can make the room look busy. This will ultimately overwhelm the space. With larger tiles, there are fewer grout lines, and this then tricks the eyes and mind into thinking the space is larger than it actually is. Glossy tiles can also help a small room look bigger as they reflect more light around the room.

If you are tiling both the floor and the walls of a room, it is best to make the floor tiles larger than the wall tiles, or at the very least the tiles can be the same size. However, it is never a good idea to have smaller tiles on the floor than those that are on the wall as this will just make the room look odd and out of proportion.

Your personal taste and preferences will play a role in determining the type of tiles you choose for your space. With so many different colors and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the ones that you like most. Try to think about what kind of an environment you are looking to create as this will help with your choice. For example, if you want the space to look chic and expensive, darker tiles can be perfect, but avoid tiles that are too dark if the room is small.

For a natural, more relaxed look, go for neutral, earthy colors such as creams and beiges, which can make a room feel cozier and warmer.

But it is not just color that you need to consider when it comes to picking tiles. For example, should you pick plain tiles or go for a specific pattern or shape? Again, you need to think about the type of aesthetic that you are trying to create and the styles that you like best. Plain tiles are usually best if you prefer a more minimal look, but if you want something more dramatic then you might like tiles with a bold print or a geometric shape.


There certainly is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing tiles for your home. With so many options, it is best to have a good look around at examples in magazines and tile stores. Think about the colors that you like best and whether or not you want to make a smaller room look larger.

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