How to prepare your house for replacement windows

Are you thinking about a window replacement project? Do you want to install new windows without hassles? What a bit; you need to know how to prepare your house to enable the replacement windows to be completed smoothly and as quickly as possible. If you wish to know what you need to do, read further.

1. Choose a Convenient Time

Window replacement cannot be undertaken without access to your home. As a result, consider your daily routine and how much time you spend in the part of the house that will be worked on. You will unavoidably prepare your family in advance and take a break from that routine to allow the installation to take place. Having done this, you can go ahead to schedule a suitable time for the window replacement project.

2. Clear the Space

It will help to create a free path across all the rooms where windows will be replaced. Move objects out of the way. Furniture and decors close along the way and close to the windows must be moved away. Also, allow installers to move freely outside the house by removing planters away from the windows and cutting shrubs that may hinder them. Keep in mind that they need free space to carry bulky windows to avoid accidents.

3. Cover Up Your Property

Window replacement causes a lot of mess and dust. As a result, cover your furniture, carpet, electronics, and other important properties with a cover cloth to prevent dust and debris from falling on them. Although the installer will cover areas near the window, it will be best to take a step further and protect your belongings. After all, it does not cost a lot of money.

4. Grant Them Access

You should ensure to keep your pets in their cages and let your kids stay in one room. You can let your spouse take the children away on a visit o a family or friend while window replacement is going on at home. This will allow the installers to move freely, undisturbed, as they replace your windows.

5. Turn Off the HVAC Unit

Window replacement will cause heating or cooling losses until it is completed. Therefore, you should turn off your HVAC unit while the project is in progress to conserve energy. This is the best thing to do. However, you can schedule the project to when the weather will be pleasant if you need to use the heater or air conditioner.


Follow the above tips to prepare your house for window replacement to ensure smooth and quick completion.

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