Mark Roemer Oakland Describes How to Paint Your Home Without Leaving Brushstrokes


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it’s important to learn the correct painting techniques and use the correct materials for painting to achieve a good finish. Learning how to paint is not that hard but most people are not happy with the results because they have not learned how to paint without leaving brushstrokes.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may follow to paint your home without leaving brushstrokes:

  1. Select a good quality brush and paint – Using a quality paintbrush is necessary to produce a quality finish. Typically, brushes made of animal hair such as badger, horses, hog, and ox offer the best results since paint readily sticks to them. Brushes with synthetic bristles such as polyester or nylon are more eco-friendly and also work well except when using latex paint. Similarly, high-quality paint would also result in a smoother finish and are easier to work with.

  1. Apply an appropriate amount of paint on the brush – Beginners often worry about applying too much paint on the brush since they don’t have any spot to become muddied with excess paint. However, it often results in them applying insufficient paint on the brush which leaves brushstrokes on the wall. The key point to remember is that you must apply the paint on the tip of the brush and it’s okay as long as the paint doesn’t drip down the handle and then to the ground.

  1. Apply the appropriate amount of pressure to the brush – Another common mistake that beginners often do is to apply too much pressure to the brush. However, applying too much pressure can ruin the surface by leaving brushstrokes. The correct way to paint is to apply gentle pressure to the brush loaded with paint and glide the brush evenly onto the surface that you want to paint. Too much pressure prevents the paint from the brush to distribute evenly to the surface which results in a botched finish.

  1. Leave paint strokes in the same direction – The number one rule you can follow to produce quality paint finishes is to leave end strokes in the same direction. In fact, this is true whether you use a paintbrush or a paint roller to paint your house. Generally, it is recommended that you leave strokes in a downward direction and always paint in the same direction consistently throughout the room to prevent a reflective or contrasting finish. This is especially true when applying the topcoat since it’s the final coat that would determine the final quality.

  1. Use a paint sprayer or a foam roller instead of brushes – The best way to avoid brushstrokes when painting is to not use a brush to paint at all. Foam rollers and paint sprayers can get the job done faster and easier most of the time unless you need to paint hard-to-reach areas and cover the surfaces that you want to protect from the paint spray.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you also experiment with the water-based paint additive ‘floetrol’ that helps to make the paint flow better. It also reduces the wear and tear on spray guns.

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