Quaint and Cozy Cabin Decor Ideas

When you think of cabins, an image of a cozy and quaint style that makes you forget about all the troubles in the world probably comes to your mind. Whether you have a log cabin or a lake cabin, you’ll need some inspiration for the decor of your dreams. If you want to strike the right chord, perhaps you should go for rustic decor, plenty of wood elements, and plaid and furry accents.

Take a look at some of our ideas that might help you design your favorite getaway spot.

Mix and Match Textures and Patterns

Some of the common traits of cabin-style decor are layering and collecting. That means you should play with different textures and patterns to create an eclectic atmosphere that will make the cabin feel cozy.

What’s more, if you enjoy traveling, you can incorporate different souvenirs you have brought along without making the cabin look too crowded. For instance, you can add an area rug from your trip to Mexico or an Egyptian tapestry wall hanging piece.

Accomplishing this look doesn’t need to be expensive or challenging. You can simply combine patterned and textured pillows and throws on sofas and chairs.

Try a couple of different combinations to see what works for you.

Create a Gallery Wall

When decorating a cabin, nature-inspired art is a great option. Instead of hanging pictures all over the place, opt for one gallery wall, which can become a focal point of the room and draw the eyes of every visitor.

We recommend combining different plant prints or even framing pressed flowers or leaves. Such pictures will provide an extremely authentic look that anyone will have a hard time recreating.

If there is enough space, you can also add a couple of shelves with hanging plants to provide a 3D effect to the whole nature-inspired wall.

Add Faux Fur

Although wood already brings a feeling of warmth to every space, adding faux fur on the floors will make it even warmer and cozier. Imagine how nice white faux fur could look in front of the fireplace over your magnesium oxide boards. It will instantly add more texture to the empty space.

You can do the same by throwing down some pieces over your sofa or at the end of your bed. Plus, if you have any pets, they will also appreciate the soft and warm texture.

Balance Metal and Wood

As you know, many log cabins are heavy on wood. You can easily balance that out by adding some metal elements throughout all the rooms. Start with metal-inspired chandeliers or lamps and move your way down. We also recommend metal art pieces or simple cans filled with your favorite spices.

Bring in other textures to keep the place from looking too stiff. Consider incorporating some bright colors that will make the rooms feel airier. If not, opt for natural and light wood elements that will bring in more light.

Invent Additional Space With Mirrors

Hanging mirrors on the walls will add depth to the space and make it feel larger than it is. You can opt for multiple smaller mirrors of different shapes hung across the larger portion of the wall, or you can go for a couple of larger mirrors.

What’s more, you should place the mirrors in such a way that they flaunt the natural light coming from the windows. This kind of positioning will allow visitors to see more of the calming lake or picturesque mountains.

This decor tip is a great solution for small cabins.

Include Nature-Inspired Accessories

Many of us tend to collect pine cones and rocks on our nature walks, so why not turn them into beautiful pieces of art? After all, is there a better place than a cabin to display such accessories?

Our tip is to create a shadow box for each year of your visit to the cabin. Alternatively, you can display some of the fascinating rocks you’ve collected in a frame.

Another idea is to use these elements and create candle holders. Candles are a great choice for any season, as they create a homey and relaxing atmosphere. If you are a fan of a more dramatic look, we suggest covering your fireplace mantle with wax candlesticks.

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