Smart Pocket-friendly Ways To Up Your Interior Decor Game

It is always lovely to have papers to show that you are a certified interior decorator, but what if you lack that certificate? Does it mean you cannot get better at it? The answer is no!

You can always get things done in the best ways possible, even if you do not have funds to go for official classes. Below is how:

Use the internet as your school

One of the best interior designers did not start their art in a school but did a bit of homework before getting into their actual classes. Back then, unfortunately, there was not so much internet to use as a study point, but now, with YouTube, apps, and social media, you have no excuse to get the basics and start from there.

Get inspired

Get inspired by watching movies, music videos, and even while you visit people. And always keep an excellent record, take pictures while you can and notes where you cannot. Get inspired by nature and the five elements. Have an open mind that absorbs information and be willing to experiment.

Learn simple decor tactics

Learn things like installing wallpaper on a wall, plant arrangement in a pot, or even flower arrangement in a vase every chance you get. Teach yourself origami or painting, do something you can do without going to school, and it will pay off eventually. By learning these small activities, you are merely growing your skillset, which is fundamental when you finally get a gig you would love to get involved in.


Use whatever space you have to polish your art. Even if it is a one-bedroomed apartment, go shopping for pieces from Fermliving.com and see what could fit where and how. You might now have to buy the actual piece but at least know the estimated price and how it could look.

Create an online interior decor profile

Since it is your passion, you will have no issues getting to create a page or several with some of your inspired designs as the centerpiece. The great thing about social media is that you can get a gig by simply being active and posting consistently.

One more thing is to have an online portfolio of your work that you can present to potential clients as your ideas.

Look for hands-on training

After you have successfully acquired a few skills up your sleeves, why not pus yourself and look for a mentor. Use their guidance as a stepping stone into a career in interior decorating, and within no time, you will find yourself flying solo.


Becoming a pro interior designer is more than just the certification. The ways mentioned above will, for sure, steer you forwards into achieving your dream. Indeed you may still require certification later on. But after hands-on training and even an internship, don’t you think it would now be more comfortable to acquire the funds. You never know; your commitment might even secure you a scholarship.

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