The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Vacuum


Vacuuming and cleaning, in general, is a chore that everyone needs to deal with. That’s why some people prefer to search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to take care of those chores. However, if you’re in the market for a new vacuum, check out the following steps to buy the perfect vacuum for your needs:

The Guide

  1. Pick the right style – The type of vacuum you buy would depend on a few things in your home. Those factors include the floor type. Is it hardwood, tiles, or soft carpet flooring? Do you have messy kids and pets that shed a lot of furs? How much storage can be allocated for the vacuum cleaner? Can you fit in large vacuums, or do you need a compact model? How often do you plan to use the vacuum? All these factors would dictate your choice. Let’s check out a few vacuum styles.
  1. Upright vacuum – When it comes to vacuum cleaners, upright vacuums are the most popular and widely available in the market. They stand upright to justify their name and that makes them very easy to use in a standing position. You’ll love it if you have any back problems. Since they stand upright, they take up extremely less floor space and that makes it ideal for homes that have tall and narrow storage spaces for vacuum cleaners.

The head of the vacuum has a roller that agitates the fabric on carpets and sucks out dust and debris. This type of vacuum has a canister in the body that holds all the dust and debris. Since the vacuum features one-piece construction, maneuvering and using it is effortless. However, reaching under the furniture, taking it up the stairs, and cleaning tight corners becomes difficult. Most brands solve that problem by packing an extendable hose along with the vacuum.

  1. Handheld vacuum – handheld vacuums are more common for your car, desk, and other small spaces. People don’t usually buy it for cleaning their entire home. They are compact and good for cleaning small areas. Moreover, they usually come with an in-built battery and give you a cord-free experience. No tangles or tripping hazards here.

Using these vacuum cleaners is also easy since they are lightweight and can be easily stored anywhere in your home. Some people even hang them on the wall or store them in the glove box of their car. However, they would not be as powerful as other full-sized vacuum cleaners and heat up after extensive use.

  1. Canister vacuum – Canister vacuums hold all the dust and debris in the body while the vacuum head extends out and sits at the end of the wand. This design makes the vacuum cleaner highly maneuverable since you just need to bear the weight of the wand and the vacuum head. The bulk of the weight of the vacuum cleaner sits on the ground.

The heads on these types of vacuum cleaners are also shorter than upright vacuum cleaners and that makes it easy to clean under low-profile couches, shelves, and other furniture. You can also easily move around the vacuum head and clean stairs and tricky tight corners. However, since it’s a two-piece construction, you need to constantly push around the body, and it also needs more storage space than most other vacuum cleaners.

  1. Robot vacuum – Robot vacuums have been all the rage over the past two decades. They are gaining popularity since they do all the work for you. Once you set them up, they find their way and navigate the rooms with a tracking system to make sure the entire floor is cleaned.

They also have a low-profile design and can easily slide under most of your furniture and other hard-to-reach places. They are great for wheelchair users, the elderly, and people with limited mobility. However, similar to handheld vacuums, these aren’t as powerful as full-sized vacuums and aren’t suitable for a deep clean.

  1. Bagged vs Bagless – After you choose the vacuum type, it’s time to decide between a bagged and a bagless version. Bagless vacuums are preferred for their simplicity. Once the canister gets full, you take it to the trash can and empty it out. There’s no need to worry about replacement bags.

However, while dumping the debris from a canister, a few particles may fly out in the air and get on the floor. That’s why some people prefer bagged vacuums since they capture all the dust particles with minimal concern for runaway debris. Once they are full you dispose of the entire bag. However, that also means you need to constantly purchase replacement bags.


  1. HEPA filtration – You’ll see many vacuum cleaner brands advertise HEPA filtration on their vacuum. But is it even worth the higher price? HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and these filters are certified to remove 99.97 percent of dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, and other airborne particles. This type of filtration can almost completely filter out particles with the size of 0.3 to 10 microns.

You may consider HEPA filtration and pay the premium on it if you have anyone with dust allergies or respiratory issues in your home. Unlike a traditional filter, HEPA filters don’t recirculate mold, dust, and dander from your carpet. They trap them all.

  1. Decide on accessories – The last puzzle piece in the way of buying a vacuum cleaner is deciding on the right accessories. Most vacuums come with a crevice tool and a standard brush. However, others come with different kinds of accessories since they are designed for different cleaning purposes. For instance, if you have a pet that sheds a lot of hair, look for vacuums with pet hair cleaning attachments. You can also buy compatible attachments after you buy the vacuum.


The above-mentioned steps would help you get the perfect vacuum for your home and take care of cleaning chores with ease. If cleaning feels too tedious, you can search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to do that job for you.

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