Tips for Maintaining Your Office Furniture

You often take your car to the mechanic for servicing and call the kitchen appliance technician to come to have a look at your dishwasher or air conditioner. That’s commendable of you because regular servicing of your assets prolongs their service life. Your gadgets will also work as you expect them too.

Buthow often do you service your office furniture? That chair which carry your weight all day for up to 8 hours? What about your computer desk from where you do all the transactions. Maintenance of office furniture is often neglected. And this article is here to change the story of your office furniture.

Tip # 1  Regularly clean the furniture

No matter the material that has made your office desk and chair, regular tidying up is a must. Plan to vacuum clean the chair to get rid of grime and dirt that has accumulated for the week.

Ensure the vacuum cleaner’s attachment do not damage your chair. Set the suction low to prevent any permanent spots or marks on the chair.

Tip # 2Use non-abrasive cleaning agents

When you buy the cleaning agents for the furniture, confirm the material so that you can buy proper detergents, solvent to match it. For instance, a vinyl chair should only be cleaned using a vinyl cleaner, while a leather chair should only be cleaned with leather cleaners.

Use wood oil soap to clean wood veneer desk. Laminated finishes depend on how they’re applied on the computer desk surface.Click for more information on computer desks . So, it’s always important to read the manufacture’s manual

Abrasive cleaning agents can permanently damage the material. If the armrest or base of your office chair is made from leather, plastic or vinyl, use a clean soapy piece of cloth to wipe.

Avoid staining the chair because they can be stubborn to remove. As such, remove any spills and dirt immediately they fall on the chair.

Tip #3 Roll the casters clean

The casters help you move about without having to rise up from your seat. And because these wheels move severally all day they collect lots of dust dirt. If not cleaned, they accumulate dirt from your shoes, carpet, fallen food particles, hair strands and anything else on the floor. Slow and steadily these particles get caught up in the casters, and you soon realize the wheels aren’t moving as ease.

To let the casters roll, flip the seat, take a vacuum cleaner and blow compressed air and remove all that grime. Then, lubricate the wheels to set them rolling again.

Tip # 4 Tighten the loose bolts and nuts

When you buy your furniture, inspect it to see what bolts and nuts are used to fix it together. If it’s a revolving chair, you need to fix the screws every six months. Should the screws appear loose even after securing them tight, replace them with new ones. Maintain the bolts, nuts, and screws by oiling them regularly.

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