Unattended Death Cleanup: A Job For Professionals Or A DIY Project?

Cleaning up any death scene is no walk in the park, ask anyone; even the professionals. However, performing an unattended death cleanup Glendale Arizona takes the difficulty level of the task to new heights. Why so? It could be because a whole new set of factors comes into play during the cleanup of an unattended death scene. Below are some of the factors.

Cleaning Up After A Decomposed Body

It is safe to say that there is always a fair chance a decomposing body would be involved in any story regarding an unattended death cleanup Glendale Arizona. The question now is; how far along has the decomposition process gone? The extent and thoroughness to and with which an unattended death cleanup is executed is largely based on how long the body went unnoticed.

If not discovered for days, then the body would probably already be ravaged by maggots, rodents and several insects that makes cleanup a nightmare. With the involvement of these disease carrying agents, there would be need to extend the cleanup process beyond the immediate death scene. This is a job that could entail tracking down and eliminating any and every threat to good living conditions that could have arisen as a result of the decomposing body. This is not a job for the inexperienced, get the professionals involved.

Eliminating The Odor

You read odor and are already probably thinking about the odor from the dead body. Although, this is a major issue that you must deal with, there are also other odors you might need to take care of. The dead person’s kitchen, freezer and fridge might contain food items that have gone bad. The odor emanating from these, accompanied by that from the dead body might be too pungent to be eliminated with ordinary home deodorizers, thus a need to call on the professionals to perform the unattended death cleanup Glendale Arizona.

What About The Pet?

What if the deceased had a pet or pets? Chances are that there would be plenty of droppings in the house. In extreme cases, you might have to also extract dead pets from the home as they might have died from starvation or other causes. Now that you have more than one death to handle, do you still think you are up to the task?

These are just three from a number of points that makes a DIY unattended death cleanup Glendale Arizona a pointless endeavor. If the goal is to ensure that the death scene can continue to be inhabited safely by people after it has been cleaned up, then it should be done thoroughly and professionally.

Honestly, employing professional cleanup services in the event of an unattended death saves you a lot of cost, and not just financially. Emotionally speaking, cleaning up after a loved one might not be ideal even though you think you can handle it. So save yourself from the emotional ordeal and the health risks and just contact a professional company.

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