What Are The Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing For Your Home

Water damage can be a major menace to homes during heavy downpours, pipe leaks, and overflows. The destruction of properties and even loss of life make it a discomfort that everyone should strive to avoid. Homes without basement waterproofing are most prone to water damage as water can seep into the basement through the foundation. This and more are reasons why every homeowner needs to invest in basement waterproofing.

This article will help you with more benefits of basement waterproofing, hopefully, you’ll find at least one that nudges towards basement waterproofing.

  1. Thwarts basement flooding

Basement floods affect a lot of homes in the United States, costing millions in properties and invaluable lives. However, basement waterproofing helps to thwart flooding in the basement. A simple sump pump, drainage system, or sealing a crack is enough waterproofing for any type of basement.

  1. Healthier home

Probably the biggest reason for basement waterproofing is keeping good health. A Basement with moisture can cause mildew or mold which can further cause other structural damages, and also cause illnesses within residents, most of which are allergies and respiratory problems. A healthy environment means no hospital time and everyone stays healthy. To ensure this, make sure you waterproof your basement.

  1. Lower energy bills

Humid homes often see at least a 10% percent increase in their energy bills, as the HVAC system works extra to keep the house at normal temperature. To reduce the amount spent on energy every month, you should waterproof your basement as it reduces the humidity and moisture.

  1. Safeguards your Sump Pump

While it is important to have a sump pump, relying solely on it is not advisable. A sump pump is usually the first solution most homeowners think of, however, with such responsibility, it’s likely to be overworked, thus resulting in a malfunction that can leave your basement vulnerable to flooding. To avoid something like this, it’s advisable to install other forms of basement waterproofing. Doing so safeguards your sump pump.

  1. Prevents structural damage

Water damage and structural damage both go hand in hand. Every incidence of flooding in your basement, no matter how insignificant, can affect the structural integrity of any home. However, by investing in basement waterproofing, you’re saving yourself from future structural problems. You should note that most people hardly notice a structural problem until it becomes a major problem.

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