What are the Different Types of Window?

When it comes to window replacement, there is an array of window types to consider. Given this, let’s check out the different types of windows available in the market today.

·       Fixed windows

As the name suggests, fixed windows cannot be operated and, as such, you can neither open nor close them. These windows ensure that light is transmitted into the room with ease, but they are not good for ventilation.

·       Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows are some of the most frequently used windows. These windows have a pair of shutters that are fixed to a frame. Notably, one of the shutters is positioned above the other. Both of the shutters can be opened and closed. Resultantly, double-hung windows can be operated and cleaned with ease.

·       Sliding windows

Sliding windows come with movable window shutters. Depending on your choice and design of the windows, roller bearings can be used for moving the shutters vertically or horizontally. Sliding windows are commonly seen in shops, bank counters, and other commercial places.

·       Casement windows

Casement windows are some of the most popular windows due to their versatility and ease of use. They have shutters that are fixed to their frame. It should be noted that casement windows can be opened or closed in different ways. Also, they can have single or multiple panels of shutters.

·       Bay windows

As long as getting ventilation and light is concerned, there are hardly any window types that are better than bay windows. These eye-catching windows are usually projected from the wall so that the opening area is increased. Besides, bay windows have different shapes such as rectangular, triangular, polygonal, and lots more.

·       Dormer windows

For sloped roofs, dormer windows are one of the best window types you can use. Apart from boosting the overall look of your home, dormer windows are great for increasing the lighting and ventilation of a room.

·       Skylights

Like dormer windows, skylights are usually installed on the top of sloped roofs. These windows are known for providing great light into a room. Although skylights are often closed, they can be opened when necessary.

·       Pivoted windows

Pivoted windows have additional pivots for supporting the window frames. With the aid of pivots, the shutter will be able to oscillate easily. Pivoted windows can swing vertically or horizontally.

·       Sash windows

A sash window is one of the types of casement windows. However, unlike other casement windows, sash windows have fully glazed panels. Also, they come with bottom, intermediate, and top rails. Sash bars are used for dividing the space between the rails of these windows.

·       Corner windows

If you want to install windows in the corners of the room, corner windows are your best bet. These windows consist of two faces in perpendicular directions. With these windows, you can rest assured that air and light will come into your home in two distinctive directions.

Other types of windows you should know of include clerestory windows, gable windows, lantern windows, and metal windows.

So, if you are thinking of window replacement, you can choose any of the window types above as long as it fits your needs and preferences.

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