Water pipes in your home can burst at any time. Coming back tired to a flooded home can be shocking, confusing, and frustrating. You may not know where to start from. Below is a guide to help you salvage the situation and avoid waste, injuries, and damage to your valuables.

Switch Off Water Source
Sometimes, it cannot be apparent to identify the source of flooding. Probably, the water pipes burst, or there is an issue at the water source. Whatever it is, consider switching off the main water source. This will help you prevent the water from flooding further. Once you switch off the main source, drain off the remaining water from the faucets using pipes.

Disconnect Electricity
Flooding water is dangerous, especially when it comes in contact with the electric system. It can cause electrocution leading to severe injuries or even death. Therefore, switch off the electric source from the meter box until you drain the water and dry every corner of your home. When done, you should call an electrician to check for any damages to the electric system.

Identify the Cause of Flooding
The next step is to try and figure out where the main problem is. It could be leaking from the ceiling or burst pipes. If you identify the main source and other leaky areas, place a bucket to hold the dripping water. If it is a small area, you can comfortably patch it. However, if it is large damage, it needs careful examination before plumbing repair or replacement.

Call a Professional
While you can patch the affected small areas, it may not help much. You may still encounter flooding within a short period. For effective repairs and prevention of future occurrences, consider asking for plumbing services from a professional plumber. A plumber will ensure that the water system functions well again.

Document Everything
Flooding can damage your valuables, and you may not have money at the moment to purchase new items for your home. If you have homeowners insurance, you can file a compensation claim. That is why it is vital to document everything that happened to use it as evidence for a seamless compensation process. Therefore, ensure you take clear photos and images of the scene.

Call Your Insurer
You need to inform your insurance company about the incident. Ensure you do this immediately to avoid confusion and delay in processing your claims. When you get hold of the insurer, give out the proof for the incident. The insurance company will use the photos and videos to ascertain the incident and process your compensation claims based on your coverage.

Remove Standing Water
Check out every area of your home and dry off standing water. If the water remains in the affected areas for a long, it can cause mold growth. This can lead to property damages, and it is also a health risk to your household. Dry-vacuum all the wet areas until they are dry.

Disinfect to Prevent Mold
Before you start disinfection your home, consider removing your carpets out. Clean, disinfect and let them dry before taking them back to the house. If the flooding caused massive damage, consider calling a mold-prevention specialist to help you prevent mold growth.

Remain Alert to Prevent Future Damages
While accidents happen, you can prevent future damages by keeping a close eye on your water and sewer system. You can work closely with a plumber for professional plumbing services who can often check your system to avoid future water accidents.

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