When Should Homeowners Call for Mold Remediation West Palm Beach Services?

West Palm Beach, Florida is an area where homes are more prone to mold problems more so than most other areas in the country, When moisture enters the home, mold can easily follow, and because West Palm Beach has one of the highest rainfall rates in the country, is prone to hurricane damage, and the humidity and moisture levels are high, the need to call mold remediation West Palm Beach service providers is very high.

When people delay calling for mold remediation, the problem can only get worse, and when mold spreads throughout a home, the cost to remediate the mold can grow out of control and be very costly. This is why it is important for West Palm Beach residents to understand when to call for a mold inspection and remediation services.

If Your Home Feels Damp After a Rainstorm, Call for Mold Remediation Services

When moisture enters a roof and finds its way down into other support structures, the moisture level in various rooms becomes noticeably higher. If there has been a rainstorm in the last six months and you can tell that when you leave one room to enter another and notice a change in the moisture levels in the air, then you should call a mold remediation company to come over right away to perform an inspection. This is a clear sign of water damage, and the perfect breeding ground for mold spores to populate.

Call a Mold Remediation West Palm Beach Company if You See Spots on the Ceiling or Walls

Most mold remediation jobs are started when a homeowner discovers spots on the walls or ceiling. This is a clear sign of a mold infestation. When mold spores are attracted to moist materials of a home, they settle and populate. As they expand, a dark color forms indicating their presence. Mold can literally eat its way through wood, drywall and other materials. In some cases dark splotches on the wall indicate the beginning of a mold colony, and in other cases the mold continues on the other side of the material and stretches to other materials of the home. Only an inspection performed by a mold remediation West Palm Beach company will reveal the full extent of the mold problem.

If You Have had an Appliance Leak, Call a Mold Remediation Expert in West Palm Beach

It is important to call the best mold remediation West Palm Beach company if you have had an appliance leak, and there is a musty smell and moisture in the air. According to data from Allstate Insurance, more than half of all mold remediation claims for West Palm Beach homes originated from washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters leaking. When a dishwasher leaks in one’s kitchen, the water can get under the linoleum or tile and fail to dry out due to the lack of airflow in such tiny spaces. This water settles into the subfloor where mold can grow, and mold can also grow on the underside of linoleum or tiles and spread. Usually when water heaters leak, the water will soak into concrete or cement and find its way to the foundation. If the foundation has a mold breakout, this can be especially costly and not all insurance policies will cover the entire bill. This is why it is critical to call for mold remediation the instant you have had an appliance leak or malfunction.

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