Where to find The Best House & Land Packages in Sydney

When searching for your dream home or new investment property, there are many factors that are important to consider. Location is definitely at the top of that list!

Location will impact accessibility to public transportation, proximity to nearby services or commercial buildings, availability of public resources, and overall satisfaction. New homes in Sydney that are in booming areas ideal for young families can be found in the suburbs and surrounding areas of Box Hill, Oran Park, Silverdale, and Oakville. So if you are looking for house and land packages, but don’t know where to start you should consider the following…


New home builders understand that home buyers are looking for more than just bricks and mortar – location is key!

In Box Hill, Oran Park, Silverdale, and Oakville, there is an abundance of single storey or double storey family homes that are being built. These areas are perfect because they are surrounded by closely located schools and shopping centres.

There is a great sense of community being built in these suburbs, and an opportunity to foster a connection with neighbours when being surrounded by fellow young families.

To ensure an easy transition of your life from one house to another, It’s important to remember your proximity to surrounding facilities essential to your daily routine.

Right now there are many house and land packages available with varied inclusions to meet the needs of any family.

Public Transport

Another factor to be considered is the accessibility of public transport in the local area of your prospective new home. Bus, train, and metro stations offer flexibility in transport options, but also offer alternative ways to travel to work or school.

In the areas of North-West and South-West Sydney, major train stations are located with direct or connecting routes to the CBD and Parramatta.

Now with the new Western Sydney International Airport, residents, especially in Silverdale, have even closer access to airport services.


Some new home designs in Sydney are frequently regarded as being too small or not having enough yard space, especially when you are a young family with children. However, in choosing the right suburb and location you can find home builders that will meet all your expectations.

A spacious yard and spare room may be non-negotiable for you and your family. Therefore, always look out for suburbs that can cater to exactly that!

In the outer suburbs of Sydney, you will find house and land packages that are suited to growing families.

Box Hill, close to Windsor, is known for its large blocks of land and is a developing suburb with park areas and open spaces ideal for young families or those wanting a quiet, neighbourhood feel.

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