How To Choose The Right Bird Spike And Its Advantages

If you have a pest bird issue at your home or office, installing the bird spike strips is crucial to get rid of the problem. Birds spike is the best pest control for roosting birds. Eventually, the roosting area is filled with dropping and looks so awful. These drooping create a fowl smell and contain diseases and parasites in it.

Keep reading more about the tips to select the best bird spikes.

How To Select The Best Bird Spikes

·       Right Material

Bird spikes are built in materials like plastic and stainless steel. Both materials are UV resistant and fireproof. They are durable, weather resistant, and practical. Plastic and Stainless steel spikes are easy to mount.

The difference is that stainless steel is costlier than plastic, but stainless steel comes with a more extended warranty and has less visibility. The plastic spike is thicker, so the visibility is more. Various colours of plastic spikes to match your area are available in the market.

·       Right Width

Choosing the correct width is the most challenging part. Birds are more brilliant; if you don’t install the spikes properly, they will find a way to use the place. The best way to install a Spikes is by hanging over the edge by half an inch and within one inch of the walls. Birds Spikes are accessible in different widths according to the requirements. You can place them in multiple rows if necessary.

·       Right Length

The effective spike should be more extended than the bird’s height. The standard spike size is five inches, but some companies offer seven-inch spikes to keep away big birds.

Advantages Of Birds Spike

·       Accessible To Install

Bird spikes are permanently installed with screws or construction adhesive. Even you can fix them temporarily with a Zip tie. You can get it preassembled in one to two stripes. You don’t need any special tools to mount it. Birds spike are very easy to install on rooftops.

·       Totally Safe For Human

The tips of the bird spike are dull and a bit flexible. The central concept of the Bird spike is that when a bird tries to land on these spikes, it will gently get poked under its feet and be unable to perch on the surface. It is never going to hurt or injure them.

·       Requires No Maintenance

The best bird spikes are very durable and rugged stainless steel. They last for a minimum of ten years. The material is built for harsh weather and comes with product warranties for 10-15 years.

·       Minimum Visibility

Bird spikes do not hamper the look of the house or office. They have minimal visibility from a distance. Most importantly, they don’t intrude on electrical lines.

The spikes are made with high-grade stainless steel that makes them fireproof.

·       Bird Spike Is Functional.

Every company offers a variety of sizes for different bird types like Sparrows, Pigeons, Seagulls, etc. Installing bird spike cuts your cleaning and maintenance cost, the damage caused by these naughty birds. The bird spike gives the best protection from other pest control for birds available on the market.


The bird spike is not adequate to stop small birds from roosting on your roof. So First, before choosing the best bird spikes for your house, you need to find the size of the hanging birds and correctly place them where you want to fix them.

 Second, select the bird spike material as per your budget and requirement.

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