How to Plan for a Successful Wine Cellar Construction in Your home

If you’re a wine enthusiast and enjoy keeping a collection of wines and vintages in your home, storing your wine bottles can be a challenge. You should consider installing a wine cabinet or cellar to ensure proper storage. However, not all cellar designs will fit in your home or available space, and this is why most people go for custom designs.

These are wise investments, and you can install the cellar in different locations in your home. Are you undertaking home renovations and want to install a wine cellar in your home? Check out tips for a successful installation.

  1. Think of the location

 You can install a wine cellar in various spots in the home. This can be under the stairs or the basement, which are ideal places for such installation. They should be cold and lightless since wine requires certain temperatures to mature.

 Although the temperatures may vary in different seasons and locations, choose a dark place that isn’t too cold or too hot. You can still install the rack in many other parts of your home, but it’s best to engage a professional. They will ensure that the cellar features all the functionalities to mature your wine at its proper timing.

  1. Define the elements

 There are different cellar designs in the market, and some may not suit your taste and needs. But this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. You can always go for a custom wine cellar and include all the desired features. Custom cellars are unique, and there are essential elements to include. For instance, the style and size of your unit will depend on the number of wine bottles and the location. The beauty of presentation is also vital, as long as you don’t expose your bottles to excessive heat.

  1. The design is vital!

Your cellar design determines the location and available space. Give a layout of the design and discuss the size with the installer. Have the design customized to fit your home theme and space. The good thing about custom cellar designs is that you’ll have different options to match your taste and home style. Factor in the budget at this point since all designs come at varying prices.

4. Choose cellar door wisely.

 You may need to lock your cellar, but not all door types will serve the purpose. Choose one with excellent moisture resistance properties. You can also go for a glass door to create an attractive display. However, glass may not be suitable for the insulation of the wines. If you still insist on a glass door, have it protected with tempered glass.

  1. Engage a professional

 A wine cellar is a significant investment in the home. You want to place it in the best location and maintain the right temperatures. Doing this by yourself can be tricky, hence the need for a professional. Hire an expert to help you choose the most suitable cellar design and location.

Wrapping up

  A successful wine cellar installation requires proper planning. You need ample space and a cellar design to fit your specifications. If you’re constrained for space, consider a custom design and install your cellar with other furniture pieces.

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