What are the benefits of commercial propane?

Propane is undoubtedly one of the most popular sources of energy in Canadian homes. However, besides the residential applications, propane also finds extensive use in the commercial sector. Be it agriculture or manufacturing industries, propane acts as a great energy source. Indeed, it is logical to choose propane over other options like natural gas or electricity in many cases.

Why is propane a suitable choice for commercial applications?

The widespread popularity of propane alone hints that the fuel comes with a plethora of perks. This is certainly true, for commercial propane does offer the following advantages:

  1. Versatile utility

The utility of commercial propane is immense across industries. On the agricultural fields, propane can power a wide range of equipment and machinery. In establishments like hotels and hospitals that require heating, propane turns out to be a great choice. The fuel is also a suitable energy source for a wide range of industrial equipment, including heavy machinery. Such a diverse range of applications naturally makes propane suitable for different commercial activities.

  1. Efficient heating

A key reason behind the popularity of propane in homes is that it is extremely efficient at heating, one of its most common residential applications. The same factor extends to commercial heating as well, with propane being a highly efficient fuel for the purpose. Propane generates much more heat than natural gas or electricity, at cheaper costs. In the commercial sector, even slight inefficiency can build up into major additional expenses in the long run.

  1. Ease of storage

Propane is easy to store, even when it comes to large volumes of propane for commercial applications. One simply has to bury a propane tank of the required size into the ground and get it refilled periodically. It would now be convenient to deliver the propane wherever necessary through the pipework. As propane tanks are puncture-resistant in nature and quite unlikely to explode, it is safe to store propane on the property.

  1. Reliability

Unlike in case of electricity, you wouldn’t have to worry about storms or other disruptions interrupting the energy supply. As propane remains stored in underground tanks, a commercial facility can keep running its propane appliances even in case of a power outage. This is extremely helpful in preventing expensive downtimes. In the hospitality sector, it is crucial to ensure that hot water is always available, and this makes propane a reliable choice.

  1. Eco-friendliness

At a time when the world is grappling against climate change, every forward-thinking business is trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Being eco-friendly also helps businesses earn the loyalty and respect of their customers and stand out from the rest. Now, propane gas happens to be one of the cleanest available fuels. More than 90% of the fuel converts into energy after combustion, which implies that the emission levels are extremely low.

Would it be cost-effective to use propane in commercial applications?

Cost is always a huge factor to consider in business and industrial activities. Before choosing a fuel, you need to ensure whether you are fine with the costs that it would incur. Thankfully, propane is an extremely cost-effective fuel for commercial applications. The only additional expense with propane would be the equipment, as propane-run appliances cost more than the ones running on electricity.

However, a number of factors balance out these additional costs:

  • Leading propane suppliers offer commercial propane at reasonable prices.
  • Propane appliances usually have a relatively long lifespan.
  • Propane tanks and appliances require low maintenance.
  • The energy efficiency of propane can reduce the expenses over time.

Especially considering the importance of lowering the operational costs in a business, it is indeed a wise choice to use propane.

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