What Happens When You Have Water Damage?

One of the worst things that you can experience as a homeowner is water damage; water damage could occur due to a natural cause such as heavy rain or flooding or damage to the home’s plumbing system. When it happens, it can result in damages to the household furniture, appliances and electronics. Cleaning up after water damage can be very tedious. Nevertheless, it would be best if you endeavoured to carry out a water damage restoration process as soon as possible. The consequences of water damage are usually pronounced, and listed below are things that happen when you have water damage.

Damaged Appliances, Gas Lines

When water damage occurs, personal items, electrical appliances, gas lines, furniture, etc., are some of the first things affected in the home. Subsequently, damages to gas lines can result in fire accidents, and repair of damaged appliances will also lead to extra expenses. Therefore, when there is water damage in your home, some of the things to check out are the electrical connections and home appliances.

Black Water Contamination

Depending on the water source, three different kinds of water can flood the home in case of water damage. One of the effects of water damage is black water contamination. Blackwater contamination occurs when the source of water damage is from dirty e.g., water from rivers or dirty drainages. Of all the damages caused by water damage, black water contamination is the hardest to treat. A water damage restoration process should be carried out on time to resolve black water contamination.

Structural Integrity

The level of damage to the structural integrity depends on the intensity of the water damage. Water damage also results in the compromisation of the structural integrity of a building, the major structural components such as walls and floors are affected. When these structures are left unattended after the water damage, they may begin to collapse and cause serious harm to the house’s occupants.

Growth and Spread of Mold

A waterlogged or flooded area happens to be one of the favourable conditions for mould growth. Therefore, the presence of molds in any part of your house may suggest that water damage has occurred. Molds are very harmful to the health as they can cause respiratory infections and their development after water damage occurs within 48 hours.

Devaluation of Property

After water damage, the affected house’s market value reduces significantly. A water damage restoration process may not restore property value to its original state after water damage occurs because the marks left behind by the damage are usually still evident and are considered by property appraisers during evaluation.

There are quite a handful of consequences of water damage, and these consequences are dependent on the level of the damage caused by the water. When water damage occurs, the next thing to start thinking about is a water damage restoration process to prevent further damages and save you from extra expenses.

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