What questions to ask during a windows and doors consultation

Replacing your windows and doors is a great investment that should add significant value to your property. But several factors are connected to installing new windows and doors. If you want to have the best experience possible, you need to ask certain questions when you go for a consultation. You must be provided with accurate and definite answers to help you make an informed decision. Read further for the questions you should ask during a windows and doors consultation.

1. Can You Explain Windows and Doors Operations?

Ask the rep to provide detailed information about how the windows and doors they offer work. It is essential to understand what you will get. The answers should be detailed, covering different styles, materials, configurations, ENERGY STAR (efficiency rating), and lots more. Besides, be informed about how the windows and doors open and close i.e. tilting, sliding, cranking, etc.

2. Do You Have a Showroom?

You will feel great seeing the windows and doors the company offers when taken to their showroom. Request to visit their showroom. You can compare styles, colors, materials, finishes, and their quality when you see them. This will boost their credibility, and you can see what you will get. If the showroom is not available for any reason, they should provide you with images of their products.

3. Is There a Warranty?

Ask the rep if the company offers a warranty on the windows and doors. Request what the warranty covers, such as damages, faulty installation, labor, and emergencies. Be sure there is adequate cover for your money before making an order.

4. Do You Have Insurance?

The best way to avoid unforeseen liabilities during windows and doors installation is to work with a company that is adequately insured. Ask what happens if an accident occurs – if you will be protected from liabilities. Also, if the windows accidentally break or get damaged while in transit, who bears the loss? The answers must convince you and absolve you of any liabilities.

5. Who Will Install the Windows and Doors?

Ask if the company uses its employees for installation or hires sub-contractors. Are they certified to install the windows and doors to avoid voiding the manufacturer’s warranty? Do they have the required experience and skills to do the job? Get clear answers to the questions.


The above are some of the questions to ask during a windows and doors consultation. Ensure to hire a reputable company to protect your investment and have the best experience possible.

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